Tarot card for today

The wheel of fortune, 10

after the hermit’s excursion into the mountains of contemplation, life catches up with man again. Life without control: sometimes it goes up, then down again – seemingly chaotic, without pattern, without merit, just like that. There are lucky people who are swept to the top, and unlucky people for whom nothing seems to succeed.

If the hermit has learned the lesson of humility, he has also learned: a surfer cannot change the wave – it is too powerful for that. But he can be a skilled surfer and ride the wave, no matter what its nature.

The Wheel of Destiny teaches us that the ego we have so carefully built and constructed in the first cards from the magician to the chariot – is sometimes better left out. Resistance is futile – resistance only creates pain.

Have faith in the world and let yourself be carried wherever the wave will take you – learn to surf and not to sink – then life really starts to be fun. And afterwards, at some point, you will also learn how to use the existing waves to reach the goal of your divine will, one wave after another, with patience, perseverance, flexibility and only a little salt water in your mouth and nose.

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